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FATSO MEEEE.. AFTER COLLEGE, 9 YEARS AGO... i was like this until early 2004... WWWWWWWHHHOOOAAA!!! I was skinny before that.... hehehehe!

then 2nd and third pix was skinny me from 2005, 2006 to early 2007.......

And... MY LATEST PIX taken just last month... hehehehehe!!!

What is it with women and weight??? Why are we so conscious of gaining weight???

Hehehehehe... nah, this is not another blog post on how to lose weight... I was just amused at how many blogs i have come across with having this subject. In the almost 3 weeks that i have been dropping EC, i make it a point to take a minute and read and i realized that generally, we women are really very conscious of every pound we gain and many bloggers write about it.

Well, it's something i don't understand as well... i am the type of person who gains weight depending on my emotional status... I am yet to figure out what is the ideal weight for me and how i can maintain it. yep, i admit i don't have the time for workout ( I'm just lazy actually!! ) and I'm a couch potato... i know all the stuff that i NEED to do.. i'm just too lazy to practice it.... hehehe.. so for now, allow me to amuse you with my weight changes through the years!!!!

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Hey! I also gained weight when I got pregnant and gave birth, and like you, I also feel big, hehe!

But anyway, I'm looking at your photos and you're still as pretty as before, years ago! Just don't mind your weight, lol!

Have a wonderful day! Happy blogging!!

Debbie :)

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