Do you believe in Friends Forever?


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I really have no idea what to post today... until i came across one blog and saw this title.... made me think.... Do i STILL believe in Friends Forever?????

Just recently i posted something here titled 'Pissed Off with Ana'.. that is one example why I'm confused right now if there's truth in this friends forever thing.... however, going back to my post a few days ago titled '2104 gals' makes me think..... even if i was hurt or am still hurting because of a friend... i must never never give up on friendship.... yes.... even if there are times like 'Pissed off with Ana'.... hehehehehe!!!!

How about you???? do you believe in friends forever????

I want to......


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Sometime ago, i posted that I want a new cellphone... i was supposed to add other things that i want or like in that post but that time i can't think much..... here's the the completion.....

10 things i want.....

1. I want a new cellphone... i want that new samsung iphone!!!

2. I want to go to Baguio City... yeah right!!! i am already on my thirties, working so hard but still haven't been to that small heaven in the Philippines... POOR ME!!!!

3. I want a computer of my own at home.. yeah.. i'm still one of those ancient pips who still don't have computer at their house.

4. I want to have my own bed... pink sheets, pink fluffy pillows. I will stack all my piggy stuff there, my rosary collection and prayer books and bible and all current books I am reading. i want a messy bed, with all my stuff on top... ( and picture of wiw under my pillow.. hehehehe )

5. I want a Big Blue Watch!!!

6. I want to rest...I'm tired...

7. I want a life of my own....

8. I want to get married someday to my one and only LOVE, have one cute baby boy and one cute baby girl..... no more, no less.

9. I want to be there always to those who need me.

10. I want to see Papa again soon.

there....... 10 things i want as of the moment. some seems attainable, some seems absurd... some are just wishful thinking but i must admit.... selfish thoughts!!!!!

Praying Like a Child Now


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Father, I do not know what to do. I need you to guide and direct me, please take control of my life, show me the path to me spiritual wisdom and understanding.

today i'm kinda lost.. i don't know what direction to take.......... on bended knees God, I am praying like a child today.

Hello Good Morning!


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just remembered a song from one of my fave bands... Switchfoot... Learning to Breathe...

Hello good morning how you do... what makes your rising sun so new....
I can use a fresh beginning too.. all of my regrets are nothing new!!!!!

My Smile


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to my wiw... you are my smile in this crazy and tough times... thank you!!!!! hope you remember this place, this church where we shared simple, sincere prayers of our hearts!!!!

Really Sleepy


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Nothin much to say today.... I just feel sleepy i don't feel like working at all!!!!! but of course.. I HAVE TO!!!!!

2104 Gals


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from left to right in main photo... Ivy, Che, Me, Gret and Donna. Upper right attached pix Ate Yoj, lower right Camille and lower left karen.

Obviously, this is a very old picture.... taken hhhmm.. if i'm not mistaken sometime 1997 or 1998. I just remembered my roommates way back in my good old dormitory days in college.

Ate Yoj was the only one left of the original 2104 but since she was about to graduate already by that year 1994, the 4 of us... Me, Ivy, Gret and Donna became her roommates ( Ivy being the 5th bed that time ).

The next year, when Ate Yoj left, we 4 became the next original ( what a term!!!! ) 2104 gals.... 2104 known as the 'PINK ROOM' in Men's dormitory UPLB ( yep.. Men's.. it was an exclusive dorm for guys in the early days of the University ). We stayed there for 5 1/2 years of our college life and had our own share of adopted babies ( meaning the occassional 5th bed owner while waiting for a space in another room ).....Our adopted babies were Camille who eventually transferred to 2113, Karen to 2103 and Che to 2107.

My fondest memories were in this room and in this dormitory.... I miss all of them but we know in our hearts that we will be Roommates Forever... binded by Love stronger than Blood ever could!!!!