Holding On


| Posted on 1/28/2009 09:33:00 AM | Posted in

As my daily reading said last night.. 'Make a knot on the rope of faith and hold on tight... God will come at exacly the right time'....

Given everything i have been through..I was once again thrown into the pit of misery... i thought i am already immune with trials.. that i will not be affected anymore... but then November 30 happened and everything in me was once again shattered.. I was again 'BACK TO SQUARE ONE'...what happened to my faith?? What happened to my hope??? i was already UP THERE but then i allowed myself again to slide down to step one.

I ran to Mama Mary.. I turned and looked back at what happened.. it was like waking up once again from a deep slumber... i once again opened my eyes and my heart to re examine my faith... 9 weeks after, i have succeeded in my walk of faith... Now i am trying my best to face what lies beyond with courage and renewed hope..... HOLDING ON TIGHT TO THE ROPE OF MY FAITH... WAITING FOR GOD TO COME PICK ME UP.

I hope i can say that after this everything will be better and life will be rosier... but I know God is not like that... I know that i will be facing more trials in the next days to come.. God would check if indeed i have learned to trust HIM and believe in HIM fully with all of my heart's wishes.. my dreams and ambitions. that's why i will continue asking for the help of Mama Mary.. to give me the strength and guide me in facing my emotions as I am very very much human. I may have accepted that everything that's happening to my life right now is part of God's BIG PLAN for me... but it is still very very much difficult to understand sometimes and me being human, i experience and feel all the emotions.. the hurt and pain... the sadness and frustration.

I did it!!! 9 weeks... 9 mornings! and i will continue...........