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Let me share this excerpt from the book of Harold J. Sala....

There is nothing wrong with waiting.. We are easily convinced that waiting is contrary to progress.. Waiting however is not doing nothing. It is the kind of action that prepares us for the right choice in the future. It means finding God's timing and avoiding tragic mistakes. " There is an appointed time for everything " wrote Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes. Waiting is never easy, but as Martin Luther wrote, " He who waits on God wastes no time ".

Now this is mine..... I know God has plans for me... i just need to understand why i always seem to wait on everything. I just think.. God is preparing me for that something special that lies ahead.

Good things happen to those who wait... that's why now... I may be on the backseat and waiting.. but someday my time will come!!!!

Losses and Mourning


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My family faced the reality of tragedy last year when my father was killed by a robber on his way home from work. This shook my whole family and i can say none of us have really moved on from this experience.

Everyday on my way to and from the office is the strongest time that his memory slips through my mind. I wanted to believe that most of the time i am used to it, but there were times like this morning that it still affects me and leaves me literally shaking.

I was asleep on the bus this morning when suddenly flashes of what happened that day when we learned of his death came flooding back. I suddenly woke up crying then i remembered i haven't read my daily bible verses book yet. I opened it and saw this ....

'Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted' --- Matthew 5:4

The book told me that we can find comfort in the promises of God's word. Many of my friends told me ' it's ok... it would pass.. you are strong....' but in reality i don't feel ok at all, it's getting more and more difficult as days go by but then these simple affirmations from God somehow gives me hope that i may not understand why things happened the way it did but with HIS words i may find comfort in these moments of grief.

the Boss says so!!!!


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when you're the BOSS does that mean you are always right and your staff is always wrong????? ggggrrrr!!!! it takes a lot of patience to stay in this company and i don't understand why 'BOSSES' have this 'BOSS PERSONALITY!'

Trully everyday in this office is such a great opportunity to practice holiness!!! i wonder if i can be a candidate for sainthood just by staying in this hellhole!

Psalm 37:8

8 Refrain from anger and turn from wrath;

do not fret—it leads only to evil.

sometimes i feel so much anger with the way things are in the office that i wanted to explode and show them just how evil i can be but then whose soul is gonna go to hell???? MINE!!!! it's a lose-lose situation on my side if i fire back, i can lose my job or my soul will go to hell.

and what's worst??? they are wrong and i am right and they demand me to say SORRY!!! how twisted is that???

where to go from here??? swallow my anger and hope to just fart it out!!!! :(

With a Smile!!!


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This is my secret song with God, but since I am sharing it now then it’s not so secret anymore…. Hehehehe. For the longest time since the first time I heard this way back 1999, this song has been a special sign… a direct reply of God to my desperate questions in very difficult times. This is HIS way of saying ‘ I am here.. relax’.

lift your head

baby don't be scared

of the things that could go wrong

along the way

you'll get by with a smile

u can't win at everything but u can try

and baby u don't have to worry

coz there ain't no need to hurry

no one ever said that there's no easy way

and when they're closing all their doors

and they don't want u anymore

this sounds funny but i'll say it anyway

girl i'll stay

through the bad times

even if i have to catch u everyday

you’ll get by with a smile

u can never be too happy in this life

coz in a world where everybody hates

a happy ending story

it's a wonder love can make the world go round

but don't let it bring u down

and turn your face into a frown

u'll get along with a little prayer and a song

lift your head

baby don't be scared

of the things that could go wrong along the way

we'll get by with a smile

now it's time to kiss away

those tears goodbye

The past 2 years had been very difficult and almost always when I am already on that point of giving up, this song pops out…. even in the middle of the night take note!!!! And then sometime last year I knew I have reached that most stable, peaceful time of my life. That’s when I stopped hearing the song…. And then last week I heard it inside the shuttle on my way home… I wasn’t thinking about anything, I do not even have an immediate concern. It felt weird.

and now...i'm waiting for surprises to happen!

Gettin Started... Genesis 1:1


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Genesis 1:1

"IN the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth "

Everything has to start off somewhere.. mine kicked off from stupidity... and im hoping something good comes out of it. such an impulsive decision to prove that i can do this...with or without anyone's help!! tsk...tsk.. stubborn! stubborn me!

This blog aims to show that the reality of God's love is as sure as the cruelty of man, that humans naturally have a wicked side and no matter how often we go to church and confess, we are still sinners and that only HIS GREAT LOVE can overcome the deepest HATE.

I want to share my daily struggles of overcoming bad habits and attitudes through the guidance of God. Share inspiring thoughts or words of some of my favorite writers and reflect on bible passages.

I want to share to anyone who's interested to read that we are very much human and can easily commit mistakes however big or small. I am not trying to be so OH HOLY here... on the contrary, my dark side surfaces every now and then in such trivial, simple day to day activities... but how to overcome that is the biggest challenge... at the end of each day, when i know i triumphed over those ' wicked thoughts' then i can say I'm ok!!!!

enjoy reading!