Tenchu Wiw!!!!


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Translate : thank you to Wiw!!!! ( you know who you are! )... i even pasted your picture. heheheheh!!!

Thank you for being my 'SMILE'!!!!

I Love You


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I have learned that LOVE isn't about chocolates and roses, being there for each other all the time and knowing each other's whereabouts every single minute of the day....

I have learned that LOVE cannot be defined because it is UNIQUE for each person.

I have learned that LOVE is something you feel deep within you, something that only you understand when you truly feel it....

I have learned that you will know when LOVE is true by what you feel every time you hear 'I LOVE YOU'.....

LOVE IS UNIQUE!!!! we may see others being blinded by it or being stupid, but that's just how LOVE IS for them... one cannot question how a person loves...... LOVE IS LAWLESS!!!!

I just felt an OVERWHELMING FEELING OF LOVE...part 2!!!! and it's a very peaceful, happy feeling... but don't get me wrong, it is still as uncertain and as imperfect as ever..... but it is very SINCERE.

that one year in Cavite...


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one of the beautiful surprises i received this week is being invited to be a part of the PSIES batch account in Friendster.... PSIES was my school for a year.... I was Grade 5 and my family moved to San Juan Cavite.... but we stayed there for only a year.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, a big part of that period of my life i have really forgotten. But thanks to technology.... i think i now have time to catch up....

and do you know what's the most wonderful thing??? despite the fact that most of them doesn't remember me as well, they still welcomed me with open arms as a batchmate and that they are even trying their best to update me with everyone's affairs.....

well.. isn't that what friendster is all about???? to meet old and new friends... and my 'batchmates' just proved it!!!!!

Thanks batchmates.... thank you for the memories!!!!!

...this is how we should pray.....


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in all the confusion, doubt and uncertainty of this world.... Jesus told us in the bible how we should pray to God the FATHER....

Our Father in Heaven
Holy be YOUR name
YOUR kingdom come
YOUR will be done on earth
as it is in heaven

Give us this day
our daily bread
and forgive us our sins
as we forgive those
who sinned against us

Do not bring us to the test
but deliver us from evil

everyday is a gift from God, there is always a surprise whether good or seemingly bad.... but almost always.. HE has HIS reason.... YOUR WILL BE DONE.... as we start each day, let us pray to God that may HIS will be done always.... no matter how difficult it may seem sometimes.

where do we really go....after HERE????


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this morning when i woke up.. there was this nagging question on my mind on where are we supposed to go after our life here on earth... the reality of death is as certain as life itself. i didn't know that just a few hours after that seemingly senseless thinking i would receive the news of my uncle passing away... made me really really think.... WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE????

As i opened my daily verses book, it seemed my question was answered....

John 14: 2-3

" I am going there to prepare a place for you....... that you also may be where i am..... "

in this very uncertain world... we must all believe and TRUST that God has a place for all of us to stay after our time here is done.

the reality of death.....


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everytime a loved one pass away... we are reminded that the reality of death is as sure as life itself....

Réquiem ætérnam dona ei (eis) Dómine; et lux perpétua lúceat ei (eis). Requiéscat (Requiéscant) in pace. Amen.