Missin Papa on days like this!

| Posted on 9/10/2008 02:53:00 PM | Posted in

it's raining cats and dogs outside!!!! I've been goin' home soaking wet for the past 2 days already and now I am already suffering from colds and flu.

On days like this, I miss my Papa... my father.... when I'm not feeling well and it's raining so hard, i used to call him at his office just to tell him i'm not feeling well... then i pretend i'm crying.. and i sniff and sniff and beg him to fetch me so he can take me home ( but of course he will just laugh it off and will tell me to GROW UP!!!! and stop acting like a baby!! ). heheheheh......silly me!

Well... he's gone.... maybe i need to find somebody else to BUG on times like this!!! HEHEHEHEHEH!!!!!!!

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