Happy Thoughts


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From Peter Pan : Think of a Happy Thought..so you can fly....

...... now what is my happy thought for today???? I gez the one when My Wiw texted me!!!!!

What is your happy thought today?

Worried Monday


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The 'crisis' is not a phenonemenon that is only exclusive to USA... here in the Philippines, it is very very much felt especially by average employees like me.

I woke up this morning anxious..worried... of the uncertainty of our tomorrows. But then somehow, below daily verses reading says this to me today :

Psalm 61:2 -- When My heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is hgher than I.

The book is asking me to seek calmness in times of crisis.... Iam trying..but God knows I am only human and my fears are very real.... I pray....and ask the Lord for strength and help.

Nahum 1:7 --- The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble. And HE knows those who take refuge in HIM.

Just for Laughs..


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Well... for Filipino Friends muna... coz i am not in the right mood to translate...

6 tips for a happier life:

1) Lahat ng problema may solusyon , kapag walang solusyon , huwag mo ng problemahin.

2) Always remember - kung kaya ng iba, ipagawa mo sa kanila , why tire yourself?

3) Hindi lahat ng gwapo may girlfriend , ang iba sa kanila may boyfriend.

4) Di bale nang tamad di naman pagod.

5) Practice makes perfect , but nobody is perfect so don't practice.

6) Don't face your problem if your problem is your face.

hehehehe... enjoy!