2104 Gals

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from left to right in main photo... Ivy, Che, Me, Gret and Donna. Upper right attached pix Ate Yoj, lower right Camille and lower left karen.

Obviously, this is a very old picture.... taken hhhmm.. if i'm not mistaken sometime 1997 or 1998. I just remembered my roommates way back in my good old dormitory days in college.

Ate Yoj was the only one left of the original 2104 but since she was about to graduate already by that year 1994, the 4 of us... Me, Ivy, Gret and Donna became her roommates ( Ivy being the 5th bed that time ).

The next year, when Ate Yoj left, we 4 became the next original ( what a term!!!! ) 2104 gals.... 2104 known as the 'PINK ROOM' in Men's dormitory UPLB ( yep.. Men's.. it was an exclusive dorm for guys in the early days of the University ). We stayed there for 5 1/2 years of our college life and had our own share of adopted babies ( meaning the occassional 5th bed owner while waiting for a space in another room ).....Our adopted babies were Camille who eventually transferred to 2113, Karen to 2103 and Che to 2107.

My fondest memories were in this room and in this dormitory.... I miss all of them but we know in our hearts that we will be Roommates Forever... binded by Love stronger than Blood ever could!!!!

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