Frustrated Friends

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Friday night i went out to meet 2 friends from college. It was a fun reunion recalling all the silly things we did. We haven't seen each other for about 6 years i think so we really had a great time.

What's funny was when they started asking about my plans for the future. They asked me if i have a bf, i said yes.. they asked when will i get married, i said i don't know... they were shocked!!!! hehehehe... they were more shocked with the direct, non committal way i said...'i don't know'... then they asked my career plans and once again i said i don't know... and they were shocked again.... hehehehe.

I wondered.. what's wrong with my answer??? i really have no plans about my life... was it so bad??? i don't even know what's gonna happen tomorrow.

With everything that i have gone through... i have learned to take it easy and just take each day as it comes. Before, i used to plan everything but God has other plans for me. Now i simply pray.. keep quiet... and wait for God's guidance.

I replied in very few words.....

'Be still and know that I am GOD" -- learning from Isaiah's words.... " IN quietness and confidence shall be your strength " --- from Isaiah 30:15

I know my friends were not satisifed with my answer.. but as long as I am, then all's well.

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