Gettin Started... Genesis 1:1

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Genesis 1:1

"IN the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth "

Everything has to start off somewhere.. mine kicked off from stupidity... and im hoping something good comes out of it. such an impulsive decision to prove that i can do this...with or without anyone's help!! tsk...tsk.. stubborn! stubborn me!

This blog aims to show that the reality of God's love is as sure as the cruelty of man, that humans naturally have a wicked side and no matter how often we go to church and confess, we are still sinners and that only HIS GREAT LOVE can overcome the deepest HATE.

I want to share my daily struggles of overcoming bad habits and attitudes through the guidance of God. Share inspiring thoughts or words of some of my favorite writers and reflect on bible passages.

I want to share to anyone who's interested to read that we are very much human and can easily commit mistakes however big or small. I am not trying to be so OH HOLY here... on the contrary, my dark side surfaces every now and then in such trivial, simple day to day activities... but how to overcome that is the biggest challenge... at the end of each day, when i know i triumphed over those ' wicked thoughts' then i can say I'm ok!!!!

enjoy reading!

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