My first week of EC droppin


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To say that I'm a virgin blogger is an understatement ( chuckles!!!! hihihi! )... but i really was.... hehehe.. thanks to my 'smile' and now i am in the 'loop'.

I am now celebrating my 1st week of being an official blogger!!!! yey!!! and i am overwhelmed by BIG COMMUNITY of bloggers WORLDWIDE!!!

Just one week on it and it's gettin quite addicting, it's really fun to share thoughts with the community and to know that i am not alone with all my ramblings.

So to everyone who took time to visit and comment... THANK YOU.... Mabuhay ang bloggers!!! ( Long Live Bloggers!! )

Give Thanks


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" Give thanks to the LORD for HE is good ; HIS LOVE endures forever " -- Psalm 107 : 1-2

In this chaotic, uncertain world.... can we still think of things to thank GOD for???
Let us all take some time to sit down and think.... better make a list of all the things we should be thankful for.....

1st thing that came to mind???? Thank you God for the sun shining on my face this morning!!!!

what about you.. what is the first thing that you thought of????

My sister


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I just finished an online conversation with my sister, she's in Taiwan and i just realized how i missed her.

We were born exactly one year, one day and one hour apart.. isn't that cool!!!! well, they also say that siblings born a year apart tend to fight a lot and we have our own share of small, harmless kiddy fights and BIG adult fights. I'm not proud of it but just recently we both realized that arguments and disagreements are part of being siblings and it only strengthens our relationship and bond as sisters.

When she first left for Taiwan last 2005, that's when we realized the importance of each other. Just when we were planning for a great sisters day out when she comes back supposedly April 2007, our father died January. She did came back but what should have been a time to make up with each other became a time to mourn and grieve... and of course with that tragedy, flaring up of tempers was unavoidable. Eventually she opted to go back to Taiwan last July 2007.

trials come and go, and we both know we would still keep arguing, but deep in our hearts we only have each other as SISTERS!!!!

i feel sick today


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do you know that feeling when you know something's wrong inside you but you can't decide whether you go to the doctor or not???

i'm feeling that way at this moment. it seems every part of my body is hurting and i don't even know where to start if ever i decide to go see a doctor. i'm just 31 for goodness sake but am i already showing signs of old age????

hahaha.. senseless ramblings so early in the morning!!!!

pissed off with Ana


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Ana is a very close friend of mine... she's in Dubai now. She went to that country leaving behind so many heartaches and hoping that there she will find the peace she can't find here.

She is a very depressed person and i wanted to believe that all this time, I am that 'friend' she can fully trust about everything. We were very close.... or so i thought!!!!!

Last May 2008, she just stopped talking to me.. stopped replying to my text messages, emails or chat offline messages. Tried calling her but still ...NOTHING!!!!

Yesterday i have learned from a common friend that she constantly keeps in touch with him so i texted her once again telling her to ensure she replies coz i know she still exist!! and she did... telling me that she's sorry and that she's just messed up and want to be left alone for now.

i respect that!!!!! i understand that sometimes people need to be alone to sort things out by themselves.... what she failed to understand is that i only need an assurance that she is at least ... ALIVE!!!! i know how she is when sad and depressed and as a TRUE friend... i am concerned!!!! and i WORRY!!!!

maybe.. just maybe.. i was wrong in believing her sincerity.... I AM PISSED OFF!!!!

Stress and Pressure


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i'm sure a lot of bloggers has already written about this topic at some point or the other. a lot of self help books has given us tips on how to handle stress and pressure.... let us add another item.. tension.

but these are good in nature. Stress is responsible in holding a bridge that crosses oceans, Tension is responsible for the beautiful music of the violin and Pressure keeps tires inflated. then how come when we hear these words, they are always associated with negative things or events.... a person had a heart attack because of too much pressure.... this person was so stressed out he collapsed... this person had aneurism due to overtension...... and so on and so forth!!!!

but didn't you see where the keypoint was???? TOO MUCH TENSION, TOO MUCH STRESS, TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!! too much stress will collapse the bridge, too much tension will cut the strings of a violin and too much pressure will burst the tire.

these terms are good in nature, but too much of it is harmful... In our lives, these terms brings out the best in us.... brings out how strong we are in the face of difficulties.... but too much can definitely ruin us.

What we need is balance which can only be achieved in moments of silence and a simple prayer to God. Let us spend some time with God each day.

My stress releiever is my MP4 loaded with some praise songs. in quiet moments inside the shuttle on my way home, i listen to it and close my eyes. I do not have to tell God anything, i simply ask HIM to look into my heart.

Happy Birthday Mama!


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to a very special person... Happy Birthday Mama!!! not all moms celebrate their birthdays same day her brother is buried right???? i am so proud of her.... a very strong person!!!!!

she's definitely not the best mom in the world but she's the only mom for us!!!!!

my only wish.... may God heal her... whatever illness she had i surrender to God!!!!



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I just remembered somebody from college who secretly gave me a codename.... 'AnGeL'.... i was about to leave the campus when he told me the reason why he gave me that 'alias'....

An --- Allyn
Ge --- Genevieve
L ----- Laygo

cool huh?????? but be warned... I'm very far from bein angelic!!!!

St. Rita of Cascia


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I would like to allocate some space in my blog site for lives of saints that inspire me... allow me to start off with my 'aunt' saint. I call St. Rita my aunt saint because for the longest time, my devotion has always been to Papa Joseph and Mama Mary... then i asked the help of St. Rita for some matters of my heart so i refer to her now as my 'aunt'.

Please take time to read her inspiring story, contents taken from

For centuries St. Rita of Cascia (1381-1457) has been one of the most popular saints in the Catholic Church. She is known as the "Saint of the Impossible" because of the amazing answers to prayer, as well as the remarkable events of her own life.

St. Rita wanted to become a nun, but in obedience to her aged parents, she married. Her husband caused her much suffering, but she repaid his cruelty with prayer and kindness. In time he was converted, becoming considerate and God-fearing. But St. Rita was to undergo another great sorrow when her husband was murdered.

St. Rita then found that her two sons were entertaining thoughts of avenging their father's murder; she feared they would put their desires into effect in accord with the evil custom of the Vendetta. With heroic love for their souls, she begged God to take them from this life rather than allow them to commit this great sin. Not long afterward they both died, after preparing themselves to meet God.

Bereft of spouse and children, St. Rita devoted herself to prayer, penance and works of charity. After a time she applied for admittance to the Augustinian Convent in Cascia. She was refused, but after praying to her three special patron saints-St. John the Baptist, St. Augustine and St. Nicholas of Tolentino-she miraculously entered the convent and was allowed to remain. This took place around the year of 1411.

In the convent, St. Rita's life was marked by great charity and severe penances. Her prayers obtained for others remarkable cures, deliverance from the devil and other special favors from God.

So that she might share in the pain of His Crown of Thorns, Our Lord gave St. Rita a thorn wound in her forehead. It was very painful and gave off a disagreeable odor, yet she considered it a very great grace. She prayed, "O loving Jesus, increase my patience accordingly as my sufferings increase." The wound lasted the rest of her life.

St. Rita died on May 22, 1457 at the age of 76. People flocked to the convent to pay their last respects. Innumerable miracles took place through her intercession, and devotion to her spread far and wide.

St. Rita's body was preserved perfectly incorrupt for several centuries, and at times it gave off a sweet fragrance. At the beatification ceremony, the body of the Saint raised itself up and opened its eyes.

God has heard St. Rita's prayers for others on countless occasions, and certainly she will gladly intercede once again, on behalf of those who pray to her now-thus continuing to prove the truth of her great name: The Saint of the Impossible!