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FATSO MEEEE.. AFTER COLLEGE, 9 YEARS AGO... i was like this until early 2004... WWWWWWWHHHOOOAAA!!! I was skinny before that.... hehehehe!

then 2nd and third pix was skinny me from 2005, 2006 to early 2007.......

And... MY LATEST PIX taken just last month... hehehehehe!!!

What is it with women and weight??? Why are we so conscious of gaining weight???

Hehehehehe... nah, this is not another blog post on how to lose weight... I was just amused at how many blogs i have come across with having this subject. In the almost 3 weeks that i have been dropping EC, i make it a point to take a minute and read and i realized that generally, we women are really very conscious of every pound we gain and many bloggers write about it.

Well, it's something i don't understand as well... i am the type of person who gains weight depending on my emotional status... I am yet to figure out what is the ideal weight for me and how i can maintain it. yep, i admit i don't have the time for workout ( I'm just lazy actually!! ) and I'm a couch potato... i know all the stuff that i NEED to do.. i'm just too lazy to practice it.... hehehe.. so for now, allow me to amuse you with my weight changes through the years!!!!

Freaky Friday


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My transit time to and from work everyday is 1 to 1 1/2 hour that is without the traffic. If i am unfortunate enough to be in the midst of some road accident or pouring rain, then it would be 2 hours minimum.

For the past 3 years, i have mastered the art of sleeping on the bus and waking up just in time to get off. I really checked out the best route where i will surely be able to catch the best airconditioned bus so that even if it's a long journey, i can sleep comfortably.

Everything's ok and routine until this morning. As i woke up 2 blocks away from my get off point, i was shocked to realize that the fiftyish man sitting beside me was staring at me. I had goosebumps thinking how long has he been staring at me. I did not act weird, i just played it cool and casually stared out the window. Then he started talking... he asked me questions which i casually but respectfully answered. He told me a lot of things about himself and i pretended to listen, all the while anxious to get off the bus. Then he asked for my phone number... by this time i was really really shocked and i know it showed on my face.... but still, i respectfully said " I'm Sorry but i can't " then even if i'm still a few meters away, i hurriedly got off the bus.

I am not a snob nor am i judgmental.. but i just know when a person has good intentions or not.. I can feel it and this one gives me goosebumps. I don't want to overreact but for my own safety, I am seriously considering finding an alternate route. Freaky!!!!!

9/11 last 2001


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i'm sure a lot of bloggers has written something about 9/11.... it was something that shook the whole world.

my take on it????? SIMPLE!!! God has reasons for everything although it is really very difficult to understand much more accept that God allow such things to happen.

i wonder... years after that tragic day...... was there a clear answer already to the many WHYs?????

That's what I get for bein nice!!


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there... that's what i get for being NICE today!!!!!!

OOOOHHHHH... I am ssssoooo pissed off!!!!

{relax...breathe in...breathe out... }

....sometimes i just want to cry it out because i will feel better afterwards..... but i decided to stop crying a long time ago... they would only see my weakness and humiliate me more...... i will just keep quiet..... in silence i will gather my strength... hehehehe.....

The Golden Rule


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I am sssooo pissed off, with some people who thinks they are the only one who have the right to exist in this world... they believe everyone around them is STUPID!!!! .. and i wanted to retaliate and answer back!!!! but i decided to keep my mouth shut.. breathe in and out and say a small prayer to God!!!!!

I do not want to wish it, but i do believe in karma... it's a cycle, it all goes back!!! i will just wait for my time..... and when it happens, i will be grinning from ear to ear..... OOOHHH.. REVENGE..SO SWEET when it's from God!!!!

Missin Papa on days like this!


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it's raining cats and dogs outside!!!! I've been goin' home soaking wet for the past 2 days already and now I am already suffering from colds and flu.

On days like this, I miss my Papa... my father.... when I'm not feeling well and it's raining so hard, i used to call him at his office just to tell him i'm not feeling well... then i pretend i'm crying.. and i sniff and sniff and beg him to fetch me so he can take me home ( but of course he will just laugh it off and will tell me to GROW UP!!!! and stop acting like a baby!! ). heheheheh......silly me!

Well... he's gone.... maybe i need to find somebody else to BUG on times like this!!! HEHEHEHEHEH!!!!!!!

Is it too much to ask for another one??? TODAY!!!!


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I received a miracle.... hhhmm... a gift... last saturday from God.... but i need another one.... TODAY!!!!!

Is it too much if i ask for another one???? Goodness am i desperate????? VERY!!!!!

"Lord God... if you can.. please help me... NOW PLEASE????? "

Frustrated Friends


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Friday night i went out to meet 2 friends from college. It was a fun reunion recalling all the silly things we did. We haven't seen each other for about 6 years i think so we really had a great time.

What's funny was when they started asking about my plans for the future. They asked me if i have a bf, i said yes.. they asked when will i get married, i said i don't know... they were shocked!!!! hehehehe... they were more shocked with the direct, non committal way i said...'i don't know'... then they asked my career plans and once again i said i don't know... and they were shocked again.... hehehehe.

I wondered.. what's wrong with my answer??? i really have no plans about my life... was it so bad??? i don't even know what's gonna happen tomorrow.

With everything that i have gone through... i have learned to take it easy and just take each day as it comes. Before, i used to plan everything but God has other plans for me. Now i simply pray.. keep quiet... and wait for God's guidance.

I replied in very few words.....

'Be still and know that I am GOD" -- learning from Isaiah's words.... " IN quietness and confidence shall be your strength " --- from Isaiah 30:15

I know my friends were not satisifed with my answer.. but as long as I am, then all's well.

Happy Birthday Mama Mary


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today is Mama Mary's Birthday... the only reason why I am still a Roman Catholic. I do believe that Jesus is our only way to God the Father and I do believe that the greatest intercessor for Jesus is the Virgin Mother....Mama Mary.

My prayer :

" Mama Mary.... it is your birthday but i was the one who received a gift. Thank you for my weekend miracle... Thank you for watching over me and my family"

Happy Birthday!!!!!!