9/11 last 2001

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i'm sure a lot of bloggers has written something about 9/11.... it was something that shook the whole world.

my take on it????? SIMPLE!!! God has reasons for everything although it is really very difficult to understand much more accept that God allow such things to happen.

i wonder... years after that tragic day...... was there a clear answer already to the many WHYs?????

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God has a reason for allowing the situation in this world to continue. He cannot be held accountable for the badness that man perpetrates upon the earth or his fellow man. If we blame Him there is no one left to rectify all the wrongs that have been done.

There was show on the history channel about this last night my husband was watching. It was just video of the whole scene as it happened and no commentary. Just the sound of what people were saying. I watched a little of it too, but I found it to be just too depressing and shocking all over again.

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