my name...seriously!!!!


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Seriously.. I'm getting worried now!!!!! My friend just sent me an instant message that someone with same name as mine has been chatting with her. and she's a medical technologist with super same FIRST AND LAST NAME as mine!!!!!!

now i'm havin goosebumps!!!!!!

my name


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i always thought my first name is unique.... in my entire life, i have never saw or heard anyone, never met anyone with the same name as mine.... until today!!!! { sighs}

somebody in friendster searched me... and her name is the same as mine. it should be no big deal...but..... oh silly me!!!! it's just a name for crying out loud!!!!!

too busy or what???


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hhhuuuwwwwaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt??? no new post from me??? too busy or what???

actually yeah..kinda busy with work so that's my thought for the day... WORK!WORK!WORK!!!! gggrrrr.... i'm tired though but the day is about to end.. so looking forward to 6pm and I'm outta here!!!!

Simple Things..Big Blessings!


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If we look deep into everything that's happening to us everyday, you will realize how God works even in small things and details of your life... from simply crossing the street, to the warm sunshine on my face as I look out the window of the bus... God manifests himself.

I am just a sparrow... a small being.... but God watches over this sparrow everyday. How stupid of me to worry as if I have no God. My God is bigger than any situation that i cannot handle.

In this world where some seem to have much and I seem to have little... i have LOVE... and then i know.... I AM BLESSED!!!!

nap tots!


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I work 6 days a week and sundays is the only rest day for me. Yesterday, as i was preparing to take a nap, a weird thought suddenly came to mind... my eyes were shut but i was awake... i thought of where would i go when i die... i thought of will i be seeing my family and friends there wherever that is... and i became bothered.

I am honestly not afraid to die... my family has witnessed a number of immediate and distant relatives dying this past year and i became so used to it i have accepted it as part of life itself. However, the uncertainty of it all bothered me yesterday all of a sudden. weird huh?? and just when i was starting to panic ( yes, i was kinda panicky already when i couldn't find an answer to that silly thought ) a thought came to mind... John 14.. funny i remembered that verse all of a sudden. I have posted it here already in a previous blog but funny that i remembered the exact verse number yesterday... let me repost :

John 14 : 2-3

"I am going there to prepare a place for you.. that you also may be where i am..... "

well... i wasn't able to sleep anymore after that... hehehehe......

Merry Christmas.. Day 1


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I know this sounds crazy, but for me September 1 is the official start of Christmas. Instead of making a wish list like i usually do, i opted to start my novena to my 'aunt' saint St. Rita last night. My goal is to finish the novena on December 31 and i have 13 petitions for this novena.

I wish i could share my 13 petitions here, but they're quite personal ( and emotional! hehehehe ), mainly for my family.

I am so looking forward to this coming holiday season. Because no matter what trials i go through for the whole year, i give myself a chance to be childlike every christmas season. But then again, i outgrew Santa Claus!!!! hehehehe.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Waiting for Xmas!


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is it just me???? am i the only one crazy over this season that i consider September 1 as the official start of Xmas Countdown.

Gee.... I'm so excited!!!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

How Big is God?


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have read this question from a book and the author says that when you ask this question to 10 different people... you get 10 different answers as well....

ssssssoooooooooo.. really...... HOW BIG IS GOD???

my answer : all i know is that HE IS SO GREAT... just thinking of an answer constricts my chest..... i literally can't breathe!!!!! aaarrrggghhhhh.....