i feel sick today

| Posted on 8/28/2008 11:40:00 AM | Posted in

do you know that feeling when you know something's wrong inside you but you can't decide whether you go to the doctor or not???

i'm feeling that way at this moment. it seems every part of my body is hurting and i don't even know where to start if ever i decide to go see a doctor. i'm just 31 for goodness sake but am i already showing signs of old age????

hahaha.. senseless ramblings so early in the morning!!!!

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I used to wait for three days if I'm feeling sick. And if it ocurred like every months or so, definitely gonna check it up.

Who knows...??

hello!!! thanks for stoppin by!!!

point taken.. but m just plain stubborn!!!! hehehe, in reality... m afraid of the docs!!!

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