Stress and Pressure

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i'm sure a lot of bloggers has already written about this topic at some point or the other. a lot of self help books has given us tips on how to handle stress and pressure.... let us add another item.. tension.

but these are good in nature. Stress is responsible in holding a bridge that crosses oceans, Tension is responsible for the beautiful music of the violin and Pressure keeps tires inflated. then how come when we hear these words, they are always associated with negative things or events.... a person had a heart attack because of too much pressure.... this person was so stressed out he collapsed... this person had aneurism due to overtension...... and so on and so forth!!!!

but didn't you see where the keypoint was???? TOO MUCH TENSION, TOO MUCH STRESS, TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!! too much stress will collapse the bridge, too much tension will cut the strings of a violin and too much pressure will burst the tire.

these terms are good in nature, but too much of it is harmful... In our lives, these terms brings out the best in us.... brings out how strong we are in the face of difficulties.... but too much can definitely ruin us.

What we need is balance which can only be achieved in moments of silence and a simple prayer to God. Let us spend some time with God each day.

My stress releiever is my MP4 loaded with some praise songs. in quiet moments inside the shuttle on my way home, i listen to it and close my eyes. I do not have to tell God anything, i simply ask HIM to look into my heart.

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