My first week of EC droppin

| Posted on 8/30/2008 12:35:00 PM | Posted in

To say that I'm a virgin blogger is an understatement ( chuckles!!!! hihihi! )... but i really was.... hehehe.. thanks to my 'smile' and now i am in the 'loop'.

I am now celebrating my 1st week of being an official blogger!!!! yey!!! and i am overwhelmed by BIG COMMUNITY of bloggers WORLDWIDE!!!

Just one week on it and it's gettin quite addicting, it's really fun to share thoughts with the community and to know that i am not alone with all my ramblings.

So to everyone who took time to visit and comment... THANK YOU.... Mabuhay ang bloggers!!! ( Long Live Bloggers!! )

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thanks for the comment.. im just overwhelmed.

It can be quite overwhelming at first. Just keep doing what you're doing -- be yourself -- and you will find people who love you and what you have to say.

I've only just stumbled in (yay, EC!), but I find your blog really sweet.

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