pissed off with Ana

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Ana is a very close friend of mine... she's in Dubai now. She went to that country leaving behind so many heartaches and hoping that there she will find the peace she can't find here.

She is a very depressed person and i wanted to believe that all this time, I am that 'friend' she can fully trust about everything. We were very close.... or so i thought!!!!!

Last May 2008, she just stopped talking to me.. stopped replying to my text messages, emails or chat offline messages. Tried calling her but still ...NOTHING!!!!

Yesterday i have learned from a common friend that she constantly keeps in touch with him so i texted her once again telling her to ensure she replies coz i know she still exist!! and she did... telling me that she's sorry and that she's just messed up and want to be left alone for now.

i respect that!!!!! i understand that sometimes people need to be alone to sort things out by themselves.... what she failed to understand is that i only need an assurance that she is at least ... ALIVE!!!! i know how she is when sad and depressed and as a TRUE friend... i am concerned!!!! and i WORRY!!!!

maybe.. just maybe.. i was wrong in believing her sincerity.... I AM PISSED OFF!!!!

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hi, the wrinkles.. just kidding.. wanting to make you smile...

hmmmm. she might have problems or something, if you confronted her about that you should also tell her how you feel in the past few months that she decides not to talk to you, email would be a great way.

sounds familiar to me...

Familiar to me too...

Someone I knew, often she was depressed, and then she never replied to my emails -- I also worried if they were still alive.

Someone else -- she shared something very personal with me in an email. She had an abortion. I wasn't sure how to reply at first. And then just got busy with other things. Days turned into weeks turned into months and now years. I worry my friend is upset with me, for she never wrote to me again. But I haven't written to her either, ashamed a bit of my procrastination. I was never mad at her, but I fear she thinks I am and maybe she's mad with me.

Sometimes we shouldn't imagine the worse and read too much into things. It's easy to let our imaginations get out of hand.

to jeff & amp:nova and to nuderiver... gee.. thanks for your comments.. now i feel much better, you guys are right, i might be reading a lot into things...

i guess it's when we're worried that we think the worst.

Thanks guys for sharing and for taking time to read my post!!!

Right you are...i have posts earlier about a friend na walang alam kundi sarili nya...and so i gave up....it should be a 2way lane...give and take...un friend ko take lang ng take eh...same boat! Thanks sa visit mo ha...cheers1

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