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I just finished an online conversation with my sister, she's in Taiwan and i just realized how i missed her.

We were born exactly one year, one day and one hour apart.. isn't that cool!!!! well, they also say that siblings born a year apart tend to fight a lot and we have our own share of small, harmless kiddy fights and BIG adult fights. I'm not proud of it but just recently we both realized that arguments and disagreements are part of being siblings and it only strengthens our relationship and bond as sisters.

When she first left for Taiwan last 2005, that's when we realized the importance of each other. Just when we were planning for a great sisters day out when she comes back supposedly April 2007, our father died January. She did came back but what should have been a time to make up with each other became a time to mourn and grieve... and of course with that tragedy, flaring up of tempers was unavoidable. Eventually she opted to go back to Taiwan last July 2007.

trials come and go, and we both know we would still keep arguing, but deep in our hearts we only have each other as SISTERS!!!!

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