With a Smile!!!

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This is my secret song with God, but since I am sharing it now then it’s not so secret anymore…. Hehehehe. For the longest time since the first time I heard this way back 1999, this song has been a special sign… a direct reply of God to my desperate questions in very difficult times. This is HIS way of saying ‘ I am here.. relax’.

lift your head

baby don't be scared

of the things that could go wrong

along the way

you'll get by with a smile

u can't win at everything but u can try

and baby u don't have to worry

coz there ain't no need to hurry

no one ever said that there's no easy way

and when they're closing all their doors

and they don't want u anymore

this sounds funny but i'll say it anyway

girl i'll stay

through the bad times

even if i have to catch u everyday

you’ll get by with a smile

u can never be too happy in this life

coz in a world where everybody hates

a happy ending story

it's a wonder love can make the world go round

but don't let it bring u down

and turn your face into a frown

u'll get along with a little prayer and a song

lift your head

baby don't be scared

of the things that could go wrong along the way

we'll get by with a smile

now it's time to kiss away

those tears goodbye

The past 2 years had been very difficult and almost always when I am already on that point of giving up, this song pops out…. even in the middle of the night take note!!!! And then sometime last year I knew I have reached that most stable, peaceful time of my life. That’s when I stopped hearing the song…. And then last week I heard it inside the shuttle on my way home… I wasn’t thinking about anything, I do not even have an immediate concern. It felt weird.

and now...i'm waiting for surprises to happen!

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