the Boss says so!!!!

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when you're the BOSS does that mean you are always right and your staff is always wrong????? ggggrrrr!!!! it takes a lot of patience to stay in this company and i don't understand why 'BOSSES' have this 'BOSS PERSONALITY!'

Trully everyday in this office is such a great opportunity to practice holiness!!! i wonder if i can be a candidate for sainthood just by staying in this hellhole!

Psalm 37:8

8 Refrain from anger and turn from wrath;

do not fret—it leads only to evil.

sometimes i feel so much anger with the way things are in the office that i wanted to explode and show them just how evil i can be but then whose soul is gonna go to hell???? MINE!!!! it's a lose-lose situation on my side if i fire back, i can lose my job or my soul will go to hell.

and what's worst??? they are wrong and i am right and they demand me to say SORRY!!! how twisted is that???

where to go from here??? swallow my anger and hope to just fart it out!!!! :(

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ah yes...the life of an employee...i never miss that part of my life xD

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