Losses and Mourning

| Posted on 7/04/2008 01:48:00 PM | Posted in

My family faced the reality of tragedy last year when my father was killed by a robber on his way home from work. This shook my whole family and i can say none of us have really moved on from this experience.

Everyday on my way to and from the office is the strongest time that his memory slips through my mind. I wanted to believe that most of the time i am used to it, but there were times like this morning that it still affects me and leaves me literally shaking.

I was asleep on the bus this morning when suddenly flashes of what happened that day when we learned of his death came flooding back. I suddenly woke up crying then i remembered i haven't read my daily bible verses book yet. I opened it and saw this ....

'Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted' --- Matthew 5:4

The book told me that we can find comfort in the promises of God's word. Many of my friends told me ' it's ok... it would pass.. you are strong....' but in reality i don't feel ok at all, it's getting more and more difficult as days go by but then these simple affirmations from God somehow gives me hope that i may not understand why things happened the way it did but with HIS words i may find comfort in these moments of grief.

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