Do you believe in Friends Forever?

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I really have no idea what to post today... until i came across one blog and saw this title.... made me think.... Do i STILL believe in Friends Forever?????

Just recently i posted something here titled 'Pissed Off with Ana'.. that is one example why I'm confused right now if there's truth in this friends forever thing.... however, going back to my post a few days ago titled '2104 gals' makes me think..... even if i was hurt or am still hurting because of a friend... i must never never give up on friendship.... yes.... even if there are times like 'Pissed off with Ana'.... hehehehehe!!!!

How about you???? do you believe in friends forever????

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I think you're always friends with someone unless there is some sort of falling out or something. Now if you keep up with them, that's a different story.

One of my best friends from elemntaryt school and I lost touch after I movedaway and became reacquainted due to myspace. So, yes, friends are forever.

I used to believe that, until my ex-BFF told so much lies behind my back and yet pretended she was my best friend to my face. The best part? BFF's are supposed to e there for each other, no matter what happens. But she's only there for me whenever there's something good going my way. And when shit happens, she's out of there faster than the speed of light. Got me into so much trouble (especially with street gangs), taught me underage smoking and claimed I was the one who passed her the cigarettes (meaning that I was the one who taught her how to smoke). With such a wonderful and exceptional ex-BFF like her, who needs any more enemies, right? So, I'm so over the Best Friends Forever phase as I don't believe and chose not to believe in it anymore.

Not all friends are meant to be 'forever friends'. I've learned that some are what's called 'friends for a season'. They're there for a certain amount of time and then the friendship just dies. One is lucky if they find a friend who will be friends forever.

I agree with Babette!
Amen to your comment...

Debbie :)

can't help but remember what happened to my friend but we did not have backstabbing's just a falling out and she actually started it all hehehehe! and I got tired trying to hold it up so i gave it up. now, she's wanting to reconnect again but i guess, I got burned.

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