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Sometime ago, i posted that I want a new cellphone... i was supposed to add other things that i want or like in that post but that time i can't think much..... here's the the completion.....

10 things i want.....

1. I want a new cellphone... i want that new samsung iphone!!!

2. I want to go to Baguio City... yeah right!!! i am already on my thirties, working so hard but still haven't been to that small heaven in the Philippines... POOR ME!!!!

3. I want a computer of my own at home.. yeah.. i'm still one of those ancient pips who still don't have computer at their house.

4. I want to have my own bed... pink sheets, pink fluffy pillows. I will stack all my piggy stuff there, my rosary collection and prayer books and bible and all current books I am reading. i want a messy bed, with all my stuff on top... ( and picture of wiw under my pillow.. hehehehe )

5. I want a Big Blue Watch!!!

6. I want to rest...I'm tired...

7. I want a life of my own....

8. I want to get married someday to my one and only LOVE, have one cute baby boy and one cute baby girl..... no more, no less.

9. I want to be there always to those who need me.

10. I want to see Papa again soon.

there....... 10 things i want as of the moment. some seems attainable, some seems absurd... some are just wishful thinking but i must admit.... selfish thoughts!!!!!

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What else do you want to write about? LOL, no offense ya

yes, i also want an iphone!

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