I want a new cellphone... part 1

| Posted on 8/09/2008 11:44:00 AM | Posted in

I have never specifically prayed to God about something i really want. My prayers always tell HIM to look into my heart's desires and compare it with my needs and just give me enough. I never asked for anything that I REALLY WANT... I am always content with what comes... if what I REALLY WANT happens to be given.. then i consider that as a bonus already. I thought that was being selfless... but my friend told me.. our GOD is a very specific God... we must always ask HIM what we REALLY WANT... and HE will give it to us in HIS own time.....

so now.... allow me to be selfish.....

1. I want a new cellphone... any high end Sony Ericsson or Samsung.

If the time comes that i can buy that.... everything else will follow...... that is the time that i am at my most selfish!!!!

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