the feeling of going home.....

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The house in Quezon has always been home for me... this is where i find rest when i am most stressed out. I can always go home to Quezon and be pampered with mama's tender loving care.... hehehe... actually, it's the peacefulness and simplicity of the countryside..the clean air.... the feeling of being in touch with nature is so refreshing that i come back to the city relaxed and recharged.

however, so many things happened the past 3 years.... there's no more 'home' in Quezon... there's only a house, a house that sits idle covered by tall grass. it was mid 2005 when my whole family transferred here in Manila.... and then one event led to another and now it seemed, going back to live there once again seemed so impossible. that house just serve as storage of old things that we cannot fit inside my small apartment here.

we went back yesterday... looking at the house stirred a lot of memories in me..... the smell of food cooked the traditional way using dried wood.... the sound of our rusty old deep well..... the bark of my dogs cupcake, panget, tam and my dear old pig with identity crisis peachy pig..... the loud wail of my father when he accidentally hit his finger by a hammer the nth time.... our continuous bickering as who would go out to buy food from the store and who would wash the plates.... and so much more holiday memories because this is the time where we are really complete.

how can we ever move on? when there seems to be so much more to do. mama wanted to clean the house and restore it... but what's the point? are we ever coming back???

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