Damsel in distress or Sirena sa Shangri La???

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Damsel in distress or Sirena sa Shangri La ( mermaid in Shangri la )..... yesterday was my first public humiliation exercise since i started working..... i slipped on the wet pavement of Shangri La mall Edsa, amidst the rushing crowd of employees rushing to go home..... i fell hard.... not bad but hard!!!! It was painful but not enough to knock me unconscious.... so embarassing!!!!

I could easily charge it to experience and forget about it.... i didn't break any bone and aside from the feeling of sore muscles, i don't even have a bruise.... but what i can't forget is that nobody...as in NOBODY dared to stop and ask me if i'm ok.... NOBODY offered help..... and that left me in tears and shaking on my way to the bus.
But then again, i forced myself to understand, in the middle of the pouring rain, everybody's rushing under their umbrellas or jackets.. maybe, they didn't notice me. I can't go and judge the world just because of that small incident.... i have to understand... i need to understand that sometimes.... sometimes help just isn't there and i need to stand up on my own.

Lesson learned : i have learned that even if i am surrounded by a lot of people, there will be times that i will fall and i cannot rely on anyone to pick me up.... i have to find it in me, the courage and the strength to rise above the pain.

Happy Thought :
I bought a new pair of flip flops!!!! to replace the old one that made me fall on the slippery pavement.... hehehehehe!!!!

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