Certified Worry Freak!!!!

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Do you want to meet a certified worry freak??? Someone who worries about everything and anything under the sun, someone who thinks that bad situations are good coz good things will follow afterwards but then believes not to rejoice on good things because this will definitely be followed by something far more tragic and would outweigh the good million times over? someone who's 200% PESSIMISTIC????? then... meet the one and only ....MMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH!!!!! yep everyone that's me! do i sound so proud of it??? no i'm not.. but i just can't help it.... i worry... and i worry a lot.

i don't know what happened in my past that triggered this hyperactive 'worry hormones' in my body. I worry a lot when i have a problem which i think is natural... but then when everything's so quiet and peaceful, i still worry coz i think something BIG is going to happen soon..and when i say BIG... i mean BIG BAD THING!!!! now THAT is not natural.

Well come on, give me a break.. what i have gone through the past say...hhhmm.. 3-4 years is not easy, being alive now and so sane is something i thank God for everyday. Not anyone can overcome the trials i have been through especially my last year which was the 'mother' of all tragedies and heartbreaks!!!! am i exaggerating??? a bit i gez hehehehe! but seriously, i have enough experience of those small 'ups' and 'BIG DOWNS' as proof of why i am such a pessimistic person.

But then again, the mere fact that i am aware of it made me know in my heart that i can find a way to find a solution for it. I have my family who's there forever to support me no matter what, i have few good friends who were and still are my angels who picks me up when i'm about to fall ( picks me up just in time!!! gggrrr... why can't they come earlier??? hehehehe.) and of course there's my work.. the best ever therapy to forget!!! These solutions worked for me in the past, that's why i failed to understand why it stopped working for me the past year or so. Things turned out from bad to worst. Anxiety attacks, ultimate depression.. i was physically and emotionally sick. but it was all in the past... i was able to overcome it all somehow but i still feel so worried and afraid...

Until i realized where the real problem was.... i was trying to find a solution on my own... i forgot that i can ask for the help of the 'BIG GUY' up there.

Jesus spoke of earthly worries John 16:33 ' In this world you will have troubles, but take heart! I have overcome the world!!!'

I still worry.. but then i learned to lift it up to HIM and HIS assistants... My dear St. Joseph and Mama Mary and my favorite saint.. St. Rita.

I haven't changed... but i am working on it...everyday!!!!

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