Being childlike in Faith

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today's post was inspired by something i saw on tv last night. It was titled Reunions in Qtv where the show aims to reunite lost people to their families. last night's topic was about an 8 year old kid who have been separated from his family for almost 2 years. his father who is in jail was the one who asked for help to look for the kid.

it was an intensive search for the staff which led them eventually to an orphanage in Baclaran. When asked by the staff if he wanted to be with his family once again, the little kid replied with ' i believe i will see them again because i always tell Jesus that '.... I BELIEVE!!!!! such powerful words coming from the mouth of an innocent 8 year old. No wonder always tell us to be like a child in our faith.

Mark 10:15

Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.

a child's faith is so pure and trusting that they never seem to question the How and Why of things. They just know that if you pray to Jesus and patiently wait... all will be well soon. They solemnly know that when they are good, God will reward them and if they're bad, God is not happy. such blind faith!!!!

At some point in our lives we were all like this, simply trusting God for everything. Blindly BELIEVING... then how come that as we grow older and supposedly wiser... how come we question God more...we question life more.

I have talked about faith and believing in God so many times but the real essence of faith is being childlike... trusting God with everything..telling HIM about what is it that worries us and then letting go... You already asked HIM to take over then we should allow HIM to work on it.

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