Why this Xmas is Unique?

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I came across this title of post from one blogger... I am so sorry i clicked so fast i forgot the name of the blogger so i cannot mention you here.... but it made me think.... What would make this Christmas unique and different from past years????

A lot of immaterial and senseless reasons came to mind but allow me to sincerely and truthfully say this.... For the first time in my entire life... this Christmas 2008 is the first Christmas i thought of finding the best gift for the CELEBRANT. For once in my life i am not asking for something for myself... but I am offering something OF MYSELF to the ONE whose birthday became our Salvation.

Happy Birthday Jesus... Please accept the humble gift of my heart.

" Search my heart.. Look deep within my Soul..See if there'll be anything at all.. that might keep me from hearing you, keep me from knowing you.. keep me from Loving you.. DEAR LORD! "

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Why CHRISTmas is unique?

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