One Step At a Time

| Posted on 12/09/2008 04:46:00 PM | Posted in

One small step at a time..... no rush.. surprisingly in just after a week i have this sort of calmness that helps me get through each painful day.

Give Us This Day blog was created to have a space to share my thoughts for the day.. i was aiming to inspire... encourage... but then i myself forgot why this is the title of my blog.... I was inspired by the Lord's Prayer.... the one Jesus thought us...

....Give Us This Day our Daily Bread.... God is giving us everything that we would need for the day.... we must never worry that HE will give us less....( goodness.. i need to tell myself that over and over again!!!! )

In this new trial in my life... I am just taking each day as it comes.. taking one small step at a time... hopefully always going forward...

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