Papa's mission.....

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since papa died, the Laygo family seemed to be much closer than ever....maybe ate neneng is right....

Mildred Laygo: know what? parang pangit man sabihin, but I think Tito Rey's death has brought members of his family closer
Mildred Laygo: i don't think we would have been talking this way before

Mildred Laygo: and it's nice to be able to talk to someone about things that really matter to you na di mo na kelangan mag-explain

nytwitch29: naku tama ka

nytwitch29: naisip ko na yan eh
nytwitch29: na naging way yung pagkamatay ni papa para ma bridge yung family nytwitch29: si tito bobby nga eh
Mildred Laygo: si Tito Rey kasi yung type ng tao na kayang ma-bridge yung gap sa mga iba-ibang personalities natin

Mildred Laygo: parang mr. congeniality ba?

nytwitch29: uu ganun nga siya
Mildred Laygo: sabi nga ni mama close sila noon eh
nytwitch29: strike anywhere siya

nytwitch29: kahit sa lahi ng mama ko

nytwitch29: sa mother side ko they all love him

nytwitch29: hindi nga alam ni mama na close si papa sa ibang relatives niya

Mildred Laygo: yun siguro ang final mission nya

Mildred Laygo: well, not exactly final coz i think he's still doing it, kahit wala na sya

wherever you are papa... watch over us..... I miss you na!!!!!

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