To April Anne Asistin..a friend remembered....

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Wherever you are old friend... hope you remember this.

Once upon a time in a land faraway there lived a young lady named Cinderella. She was so much in love with the Prince of that kingdom Prince Winnie the Pooh. However, she knew that her love for the Prince would remain only in her dreams for she is just a commoner.

One day, the Kingdom’s messenger announced that a Ball would be held at the palace. Cinderella knew that this is her Only chance to meet the Prince. Her whole family is coming to the ball so naturally she believed that she is included. To her dismay, her wicked stepmother, stepsisters and stepbrothers asked her to stay in the house to do all the dirty work. By the time she finished all her work she was so sad and exhausted. And then suddenly out of nowhere appeared a beautiful young fairy who claimed to be her fairy godmother. She was accompanied by a kind warlock named Baby Bro. They came to grant her wish to attend the ball on a condition that she must leave the ball before the clock struck 12 or else return to her normal state in front of all the people of the kingdom

At the ball, Prince Winnie the Pooh was so tired of all the hypocrisy. He was looking for something different to brighten up his night. He wasn’t interested to dance with anyone so he just talked and argued with Prince Adonis and Prince Apollo. And then they heard a loud roaring sound overhead. Everybody was shocked to see a large pumpkin descending from the heaven. Then came out the fairest Princess Prince Winnie the Pooh has ever laid eyes on. Cinderella was wearing a flowing white glittery gown which enhanced her beauty within. Prince Winnie the Pooh rushed to her side and escorted her into the ballroom. Prince Winnie the Pooh danced with her all night despite the furious glances of the Big Bad Wolf and the Snow Queen. However only resigned indifference could be seen from the expressions of Little Red Riding Hood and the Sick Grandmother as well as the King and Queen of Hearts.

Cinderella was so happy she didn’t notice the time. At last the clock struck 12 and Baby Bro re appeared together with the giant pumpkin to take her away. Her time was up and she have to leave the ball before the magic disappears. Upon riding the flying pumpkin, her sandal slipped from her foot and dropped in front of Prince Winnie the Pooh. From then on, Prince Winnie the Pooh promised to find the enchanting Princess who captured his heart.

Prince Winnie the Pooh organized a search party to find the owner of the glass sandal. Alas, the shoe fits Cinderella., a plain commoner. Prince Winnie the Pooh upon knowing that Cinderella wasn’t a true princess was disappointed it showed in his face. This wasn’t lost to Cinderella who felt much much sad knowing that Prince Winnie the Pooh is not the good hearted person she believed him to be. Very disappointed, Cinderella ran so fast she fell on a dark and deep well.

Full with remorse, Prince Winnie the Pooh ran to follow her and yet she was lost and nowhere to be found.

Nobody knew that Cinderella fell and was lying unconscious in a magic well which was the gate to Wonderland. Fairy Godmother appeared and punished Prince Winnie the Pooh for hurting Cinderella so much. She then transformed Prince Winnie the Pooh into a terrifying Beast. Nobody wanted to be with Prince Winnie the Pooh and so he stayed on top of the Castle’s tower and lived as a hermit. He would only return to his normal self if Cinderella would find him and fall in love with him despite his beastly features.

And so… the story continues…. Cinderella was lost in Wonderland and Prince Winnie the Pooh was a hermit in a tower. Will they ever meet again to break the curses that befall them? Will there be a…. AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER????

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