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I work 6 days a week and sundays is the only rest day for me. Yesterday, as i was preparing to take a nap, a weird thought suddenly came to mind... my eyes were shut but i was awake... i thought of where would i go when i die... i thought of will i be seeing my family and friends there wherever that is... and i became bothered.

I am honestly not afraid to die... my family has witnessed a number of immediate and distant relatives dying this past year and i became so used to it i have accepted it as part of life itself. However, the uncertainty of it all bothered me yesterday all of a sudden. weird huh?? and just when i was starting to panic ( yes, i was kinda panicky already when i couldn't find an answer to that silly thought ) a thought came to mind... John 14.. funny i remembered that verse all of a sudden. I have posted it here already in a previous blog but funny that i remembered the exact verse number yesterday... let me repost :

John 14 : 2-3

"I am going there to prepare a place for you.. that you also may be where i am..... "

well... i wasn't able to sleep anymore after that... hehehehe......

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