Merry Christmas.. Day 1

| Posted on 9/01/2008 12:53:00 PM | Posted in

I know this sounds crazy, but for me September 1 is the official start of Christmas. Instead of making a wish list like i usually do, i opted to start my novena to my 'aunt' saint St. Rita last night. My goal is to finish the novena on December 31 and i have 13 petitions for this novena.

I wish i could share my 13 petitions here, but they're quite personal ( and emotional! hehehehe ), mainly for my family.

I am so looking forward to this coming holiday season. Because no matter what trials i go through for the whole year, i give myself a chance to be childlike every christmas season. But then again, i outgrew Santa Claus!!!! hehehehe.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

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