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this picture is very special to me.....some of my friends who saw this think that the girl look a lot like me. hehehehe.

the first time i saw this picture was in a retreat way back in college. We were given a task to go to our rooms ( we were given separate rooms each ) and stay there for one hour. No going out, just stay inside, sleep if you want, sing or dance... just stay inside.

i opted to sit on my bed and pretend that Jesus is there in the room with me... i talked to him like he was just sitting across me on the bed. I told him everything that's in my heart at that moment.... not mushy things... just simple everyday things.... like i'm talking to my roommate. I was even visualizing HIS reactions and imagining what he would say if i can hear his replies. before the 1 hour was up, i felt that HE asked me to sleep, so i did. when i woke up, the end page of the pamphlet given to us was open and i saw this picture... down below were the words... TOMORROW I WILL HAVE A SURPRISE READY FOR YOU.... i encircled those words and for the first time in years believed wholeheartedly that i will have a surprise from Jesus the next day.... i closed my eyes and took the pillow... i imagined i hugged Jesus.

the next day, with the exams and everything else... i totally forgot about this.... until i saw my roommate in my laboratory room, she said i need to go to the Admin building immediately to claim my one year's worth of scholarship allowance. The previous year, the president granted all scholars an increase in monthly allowance but with Philippine budget so tight, older batch of students will receive it on lump sum the next year. since the start of the sem we have been checking and waiting for it but we didn't realize that it will be on a separate payroll. UP was late but it came at the right time... because of that money i was able to start on my thesis. then i remembered the picture... it was the first of the many direct miracles i received but this one sticks out the most!!!!

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