Silence for now is the BEST

| Posted on 10/04/2010 11:05:00 AM | Posted in

I do not understand why people around me find it difficult to understand me.  Sometimes I think I am speaking a different language.  I guess I really need to admit now that I am having difficulty expressing what I truly feel.

I am an easy person to be with because I do not ask for much and I am easily pleased.. but do not ever promise me anything that I never asked in the first place and then fail…. It pisses me off.  I never ask, I never demand, but do not volunteer something you cannot fulfill.  That disappoints me…. BIG TIME.

I never start an argument but I always end up getting one… worst thing, after everything’s been said and done, bottomline will always be…IT’S MY FAULT.  How unfair is that?  And I always feel guilty.

Just for today I want to cry it all out….. cry out all these pent up frustrations because I am helpless and there’s nothing I can do about it… and then afterwards.. I will practice SILENCE. 


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Wish things are getting better for ya.


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