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Since i had the chance to catch the NCIS season 1 to 4 at Fox cable network, i got so hooked and addicted that i never missed an episode of it.  It is now Season 6 here in the Philippines and i saw from the web that it still has season 8.....wooohoooo.. I am so excited!!!!

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Oh my. My partner and I also love NCIS! We love the chemistry between Tony and Ziva. We love, love, love, love Gibbs. Argh. We miss all of them! We've already watched all the seasons and the suspense and drama never fall flat.

You can actually download the episodes online, if you want. That's what we did.

Love it too! Great comedy in a police drama, plus a gorgeous Mark Harmon... all the winning elements! :)

Care to xchange links?

Criminal Minds are also good :D

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