Thank You!

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We always tend to wait for that one day in one year that should be all about US.. just ME DAY!  I had mine a couple of days ago and although it wasn't exactly the BEST EVER and it started really OFF... somehow it ended up HAPPY.

I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart to all the smiles....

To my family -- it wasn't what i wanted, but i know you all tried to make it a happy day for me..  THANK YOU.  Mama thank you for always trying.

To my relatives who remembered -- thank you especially to lola who called so early in the morning, you all never fail to make me feel that i have my family behind me no matter what.

To my facebook friends and cousins -- WHOAAAA.. i was really surprised with all the greetings... THANKS... THANKS!!

To HUBBY of course --- THANK YOU, no words can express how much you made me happy.  You are my GIFT... as long as you're there beside me, it's my birthday everyday.

To PAPA -- i guess you weren't meant to come back but then.. i still tried to wish for it.

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