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Signs serve basically as 'direction guides'... need i explain more? ....

In my whole life, i have never trusted myself in making my own decisions. I always try to get the opinion of other people so that i will have someone to blame if anything goes wrong... sssoooo.. what happened the past 4 years or so? if my life had been a mess.. when and where did the wrong decision was made?

then i started asking God for HIS signs.. to guide my life... but then again.. i thought i was understanding and interpreting it correctly until the small confusion became a very big conflict in my life.

2 days ago i made a decision.. and just when i thought God would be quiet ( which HE always does when i pester him for a sign )... i received it... THE SIGN i always ask of HIM.

So God.. no matter what it is... i will not allow anyone to contradict MY SIGN.. it was from YOU and i know in my heart you approve of THE DECISION!!!

I Love you LORD... and I lift my voice.. to worship you.. OH my soul...rejoice!!!

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"Take joy, my King
in what you hear
May it be a sweet, sweet sound
in Your ear...."

im missing my highschool days...

how about the sign ate?
was it for good?

ingat jan!

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