Rainbow Connection from a Friend

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I wanted to post this blog entry of a friend about the song Rainbow connection... To Jen my friend, thanks for this.....

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Finding the Rainbow Connection
By jen alcasid

raindrops… misty horizon… chilly breeze… finding the rainbow connection… one perfect moment. if in any case you have sparks of wonder what magically inspires me to write this article, it is the song rainbow connection on a rainy day like this ☺. yeah, remember what kermit the frog sang in the opening of the muppet movie? that song. it was introduced to me and the rest of the class by a fourth grade classmate, though. rapidly, it became everyone’s fave music in those days.

scientifically, a rainbow is defined to be an arch of spectral colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. it appears in the sky with nothing to hide. so is our life. it is a masterpiece we create with the colors and strokes we use. it is a painting that reveals who we truly are. like the rainbow that connects heaven and earth, our life binds us to the mundane and to whatever lies beyond our eyes can see.

ainbows are visions. so are our dreams. these are the mystical experiences we are yet to find on the other side, where sweet voices that once have called young sailors are also calling our names. these are the adventures that we are yet to hurdle in great faith that the universe conspires whenever we really want something to happen. these are the simple yet essential things that we might have ignored many times, the treasures that sit where our hearts belong.

rainbows are but illusions. so are the insatiable desires we are told. these are the material possessions such as money, fame and power that some of us choose to believe bring a perfect life. these are the lies that make us lose our ability to control ourselves. these are the things that we can possibly be but because we are so amazed gazing at the stars, we forget and worse deny to do so.

some of the rainbows i have already discovered, some i have to wait for and see. my journey continues for i will find them someday - the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers, and me

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